About Danyalle Youngers

Are You Living in Chaos? I was Before I Found Recovery

Do you spend most of your time in self-doubt and disconnected from your Home or business life? Hi, I am Danyalle, and I lived in that chaotic place for several years. I was a 40-something mom of five children. I was homeschooling all of the children. My social and spiritual world had fallen apart, and I felt lost, overwhelmed, and confused.

I even had to stop driving with someone in the car with me to remain safe.

I was full of self-doubt, hopelessness and in an unfulfilling space. Depression wrapped around my heart and anxiety around my head.

My life has changed over the past four and half years, as I first reached out for help from a professional coach. I started looking at my life, the choices I had made, and those made for me. I changed my outlook and decided to live life to the fullest. Believe me, this was no easy process, and it took focus and determination, but I persevered to come out of this hole I had fallen into.

With help from a professional coach, 12-step recovery, and a renewed dream and life purpose, I became a recovery coach.

The process I take you through is called the Recovery Pathway.

A renewed sense of self-compassion is a phone call away.

If you want to experience the same results as I did, I want to invite you to grab one of my free Chaos to Clarity Sessions, where we will go over your values, goals and dreams, and your self-talk.

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